What is a Party Rouser?

We offer a unique party experience. We come in and do immersive improv within your event space. We involve people at your event and get them to do a variety of tasks or involve them in quick little games giving each person a different experience for the evening. At any given time some people will see the action up close, and others will be wondering what is happening from across the room.

We will send people on missions. Have them talk like pirates. Endow people with special skills. We may move people who are in conversation to a new spot before they continue that conversation. We may help people interpret their conversations. Mini scavenger hunts could occur.  People may be given their next line of dialog for their conversation.

Have specific wants for your event? Well, we improv, so hit us with your best shot.

We make everything official by wearing the same shirts and having branded items so that not just anyone can rouse the party.

Hire us for your next big event!

Email Us at [email protected] for a quote.

Minimum actors/time required – 3 for 1 hour

Best Results/Recommended approach (5-7 actors for 2 hours).
$250 Booking/Administration Fee
Max actor cost – $1,250 – Max party cost – $2,000.

We play at the level you request (PG, PG-13, R) and will adjust to the audience as necessary.
We never escalate first. We follow the crowd and where they are in comfort level.

Not recommended for young kid events. Ages 11+