We agree to and acknowledge the following

    • We acknowledge that Colorado Improv as part of their community outreach has assembled talented actors to provide entertainment and local business to to cover the venue expenses for our fundraising event. A $750 value.
    • We agree to promote this event through every means possible. Including but not limited to our email newsletter lists, social media platforms, flyers, phone calls, personal emails, and simply word-of-mouth.
    • We agree to create and/or share Facebook events with Colorado Improv (
    • We agree to show up early to help setup the venue. Recommended time is one hour prior to show time.
    • We agree to commit to our time slot regardless of expected turn-out.
    • We agree that if we cancel within 30 days of the event, we will pay a $100 penalty.
    • We agree to tag ColoradoImprov in all promotion.
    • We agree to have a representative attend a show prior to our show (if an event occurs prior to your scheduled event).
      • If your event is scheduled for the next available show, we will know it and you'll be exempt.
    • We agree that if a representative is unable to attend a prior show, we forfeit our spot and will pay the penalty fee of $100.
    • We agree to have the representative make contact with one of the improv actors to make their presence known.
    • We agree to have a representative ready with a 1 minute introduction about your organization.
    • We agree to have fun.