Charity Request

Please submit the application below to be considered for a future show.

    What part of town are you and a majority of your donors located?

    We are happy to come to your venue to perform for your audience or we can find a venue for you. Which would you prefer, what part of town would your prefer, and why?

    Our shows are set up as needed and we would ask for your support in filling the seats. We can make you a lot of money if the venue has a lot of attendees.

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    FAQs regarding organizations and the shows:

    What was the average number in Attendance for last 3 charity events?
    They vary based on the marketing of the group we are hosting. Anywhere from 20-80 people but we can accommodate 100s of people at this venue.

    Can we do tickets for people to enter? Do you usually do that? If so, what’s the average cost?
    You can do tickets or you can do suggested $5 donations at the door (max $15 / family). That is our recommendation.
    How exactly do we make money?
    Door donations and a call-to-action for the mousetraps game. See below. You can also come up with other ideas and we can help implement those ideas.
    Do we need to make a flier? If so, can we have a high quality logo for the flier?
    We would recommend fliers, Evite, email newsletters, Facebook invites, etc…
    What do people usually do for concessions?
    Usually water, drinks like sodas, candy bars, cookies, and other snacks. We would recommend before and after the show as the venue doesn’t allow food and drink where we sit.
    Do you provide concessions?
    We do not. We ask that if you want concessions, that you bring what you want to sell.
    How much money has been made for the last 3 charity events approximately?
    This highly depends on the marketing and people who attend. Most of the recent ones have been the parents of the organization and they are already spending money on their kids, so the donations have been low. We have had several hundred for some events that were well marketed. The results are highly dependent on the marketing and the type of people who come to the event.
    If you get a room of 100-200 people, the result will be in the thousands.
    Is promotion based entirely on us? What do you guys do for it in terms of networking?
    We promote the shows through Facebook as well as Evite (if the org does an Evite we share it). Personally I share the event at every business networking group I attend and have been generating buzz for some time.
    Can you explain more about the live mousetrap game and how that makes money?
    We break for a short call-to-action intermission. We put out jars with the pictures of all of the improv artists. We then ask people to put money in the jar of the actor(s) that they want to see play a game on live set mousetraps. This is usually where the majority of the money for the show is made. We count, make it fun, and then perform.
    Can you send us a small video of what you guys do? We tried looking on YouTube and they were outdated.
    We don’t have a recent video as we give 100% of the money made to the org. So we don’t have a budget to spend on a good video. There might be some videos out there, but nothing compared to actually seeing what we do in person.
    The short version is that we provide the venue and entertainment for an org to put on a fundraising event. Usually the venue and talent are two of the hardest parts of the event. We take care of those for the org. The rest is just getting people into seats. From there we help get the money out of their pockets and into the hands of the organization.